Level 1 Yoga Practice –  Every Tuesday & Friday 9.00 -10.00am IST


L1 – Iyengar Yoga Level 1 


  • Suitable for all beginners in Yoga & Iyengar Yoga
  • Students who are stiff in the joints and muscles
  • Anyone recovering from minor injuries in the neck, shoulders, knees and have finished Gentle Yoga for minimum 3 months
  • Stressed out corporate executives

Health Benefits from Level 1 Yoga Practice

  • Helps overall health and flexibility in joints and muscles
  • Controlling Hypertension, Thyroid and Diabetes type 2
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces flatulence, bloating and acidity
  • Reduces Anxiety and stress
  • Improves breathing and concentration
  • Introduction to Savasana and restorative postures
Months covered Season number Name of Practice session
February 1

About this season

It is the season of late winter progressing towards spring. It’s the time of the year to rejoice vibrancy and colours in all forms of the nature. Flowers, fruits, and a great variety of vegetables are available in these months. A good time of the year to stay consistent in one’s Yoga practice to build up immunity against illnesses as sinus, migraine, and various flu.

Yoga practice in this season

Yoga practice is planned from January to April. The Yogasanas and Pranayama are well-thought and executed for beneficial and effective outcome to the student. Practice for each level is designed by the Senior teachers at the institute. You will observe that the practice is gradually moving from intensive to moderate as the weeks go by. There is much thought and years of experience behind every syllabus curated at Shriyog and our experienced teachers ensure that it is delivered to the student with precision and correct timing to reap maximum health benefits in all months as the weather changes

General dos & don’ts

  • Stick to your batch throughout the season
  • Be punctual in your classes. Every minute is precious and there is a lesson for your wellness
  • Keep your Authentic Iyengar Yoga props handy
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton fabric is most suitable
  • Your Yoga mat is your teacher too. Respect it and maintain it well
  • Keep an empty stomach. At least 3 hours must have elapsed before heavy Yogasana practice
  • If you feel like evacuating your bladder or bowels during the class, do not stop your-self
  • Listen to the instructions in class carefully for a safe and effective practice
  • Keep your surrounding clean and free from disturbances
  • Stay committed but know your limitations. Listen to your body and breath. Never exert yourself

Recommended Props for classes

  • Gentle Yoga – Blanket, Belt, Chair, Pranayama pillow
  • L1 – Bolster, Belt, Brick 
  • L2 – Bolster, Belt, Brick, Blanket, Chair
  • L3 – Bolster, Belt, Brick, Blanket, Chair
  • Women’s Health – Bolster, Belt, Brick, Blanket, Chair
  • Savasana & Pranayama – Blanket, Pranayama pillow or bolster
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