Asana & Pranayama – Tue & Fri 6.15pm Wanowrie




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Yoga Props for classes are provided free of charge for use at the institute.  

The syllabus covers a thorough list of 40+ Yogasanas and a fair amount of pranayama practice based on the Shriyog seasons calendar spread over 12 months. You can join this course at anytime of the year. The classes are for 75 minutes. 

What do classes include?
• Asanas for arms
• Asanas for legs
• Posture correction
• Lower back stretches
• Neck exercises
• Asanas for spine flexibility
• Asanas for the digestive system
• Asanas for the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs
• Breathing & Pranayama
• Asanas for Relaxation & better sleep
  • Beginners in Yoga
  • Students who have had a break from Yoga practice & are returning back
  • Recovering from minor injuries & health problems
  • Lifestyle & stress management


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