Women’s Health (WH)
These classes are strictly conducted for women. The classes revolve around diet and lifestyle along with tailored Yogasana sequence for women in different stages of life. The organic body of a woman is of prime focus. The benefits of the Yogasanas are given vital importance.
The prime focus is on a healthy and happy womanhood. The classes are infused with short informative talks on the common ailments and struggles at different age groups and their solutions. Students are also provided with simple routines of foundational asanas, supines and breathing techniques for self-practise.

Students must have completed a minimum of 3 months L1A to join WH

Who should attend Women’s Health Yoga classes?
• Only women Iyengar Yoga students with minimum 3 months experience
• Students who are familiar with all asanas from Level 1
• Students who know how to use Authentic Iyengar Yoga props fluently
• Must be clear with names of Yogasanas
• Should be disciplined to attend classes twice a week

Health Benefits from Women’s Health Yoga Practice
• Deeper insights women’s body and how it works
• Learn women’s anatomy with Asana practice
• Specific Asana and Pranayama practice for women only
• Philosophy & Ayurveda insights for wellness

Four Limbs of study at Shriyog
1. Iyengar Yoga
2. Ayurveda
3. Philosophy
4. Arts & Culture
Over the last decade, we have constantly and tirelessly taught Yoga applying the Four Limbs of Study at Shriyog and delivering excellent results in improved Body, Breath & Mind quality for all our students.

Important Information about the ZOOM link for your classes
Upon selecting your batches and successfully subscribing, the batch link will be sent to you on your registered email. Ensure that your email ID is correct and check your spam folder if you do not find the link in your Inbox. Email us at for any further info on your classes. We take 2-4 business days to get back.

Guide to setting yourself up for your classes
1) It is compulsory to keep your video switched on at all times during the session
2) In every class, the student can sign in from only one device per registration.
3) You must input the same name on-screen used at the time of your registration. This helps us identify your registration in our list and ensures that you will not be removed from the class
4) If you cannot attend a particular class, you cannot transfer the class to someone else.
5) Do not share your zoom link with anyone under any circumstances or you will be disqualified from joining further classes at Shriyog
6) Join the class at-least 10 minutes in advance and prepare your space. The teaching and assisting team will be happy to help you with your queries 10 minutes before start of class

Guide to understanding “do we need Props in Yoga practice”?
Props are not mandatory and students can do independent asanas without any props. But the benefits of props cannot be ignored. Everybody is different and props guide everyone to get the maximum benefits of the poses. Having your own yoga kit of Authentic Iyengar Yoga Props that are designed by Guruji BKS Iyengar in shape and size is recommended strongly and they certainly help accelerate and refine one’s practise.

Bricks – Bricks are recommended for novice practitioner who struggle to sit straight for short period of time. It is helpful to buy a brick with the right dimension and right material. Wooden brick is recommended to the foam ones.
Belts – Belts are helpful for senior citizens and students with injury to stay longer in a restorative pose and gain maximum benefits of the pose. Belt is a must have even in advanced level classes due to its various uses.
Chair- A yoga chair has the right dimension that helps to put any type of body in the correct asana without injury. It’s a great help for people to get into some difficult poses in a safe and easy manner.
Blankets – The blankets used for practise have a certain thickness and texture which help in yoga practise. The material of the blankets plays a vital role so the student doesn’t slip on sink in his asanas.

Recommended Props for classes
Brick, Belt, Blanket, chair, Bolster

Upcoming holidays
Holidays in Winter sessions – 10th Sept Ganesh Chaturti, 15th Oct Dusshera,4th to 7th Nov Diwali, 25th Dec to 4th Jan Annual Break

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