Spine care & Stress Management – Magarpatta (OneHealthyWorld Batch)


Map to Magarpatta centre  https://maps.app.goo.gl/paGJxfTKXnGJysoZA

As a service to the society and in line with our vision of a OneHealthyWorld we have started this free batch. This Batch is open for all

What is a OneHealthyWorld Batch by Shriyog?
  • Designed to make you stronger and bring calm in your life
  • Designed to sustain health in today’s challenging conditions,
  • Designed to revive your strength, revive your immunity and invite calmness
  • Most importantly the batch is free of cost / very low cost or donation based to the students

Spine care & Stress Management

Every Wednesday – 7.45 to 8.30am

from 6th December 2023
Location – Shriyog Institute Magarpatta

Anyone & Everyone is welcome. Share with your friends and family or anyone suffering from backpain, shoulder pain, neck pain or any lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid etc.

Fees – Feel free to Donate or attend at only 1 Rs per month.

IMPORTANT NOTE While we welcome people from all walks of life, we do not encourage anyone to use this batch to explicitly train themselves as Yoga Therapist. Yoga Teachers strictly excuse yourself from this batch.


  • Not open to Yoga teachers and trainers 
  • Access with Re 1 payment is applicable for up-to first 1 month for Non- Shriyog students
  • Access with Re 1 payment is applicable for up-to first 3 months for Shriyog students
  • Must be ready and committed to improving health by attending these sessions 

* This course is expressly not intended to be construed as a teacher training program.

*The rights of admission are reserved with the Shriyog management. 

General dos & don’ts 
  • Be punctual in your classes. Every minute in class is valuable.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton fabric is most suitable.
  • Keep an empty stomach. At least 2.5 hours must have elapsed before Yogasana practice.
  • Listen to the instructions in class carefully for a safe and effective practice. You are responsible for your own safety
  • Keep your surroundings clean and free from disturbances
  • Stay committed but know your limitations. Listen to your body and breath. Never exert yourself.
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