INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAM (ISP) 2nd Edition-1st Oct to 25th Dec 2021 (Live Online)


The Intensive Study Program – Why October?

The Intensive Study Program (ISP) 2nd Edition is a 3 month study and practice program offering Yoga, Ayurveda, Philosophy and Indian classical music so that you start 2022  in good physical & mental health

View full timetable of classes included in this program and choose to attend as many classes for you and your family members.

80% New year resolutions fail. One reason maybe those resolutions are difficult to follow through. But if we dig deeper, it is simply a matter of choosing the right time of the year to make promises to ourselves and let the nature support us in our inner growth.

As per Ayurveda, Sharad Rutu is the best time to start any new and/or intensive practice. The practice may involve physical, emotional or mental challenges and this time of the year is best suited and supportable to the body, mind & spirit.

Who should join the ISP 2nd Edition?

  • Any student or Yoga teacher who wants to build or learn how to build a lifelong Yoga Practice
  • Develop flexibility, strength and agility before December 2021
  • With a goal of a healthy start to 2022
  • Learn important muscles and how to care for them
  • Set a routine for the body, diet and rest with dinacharya
  • To apply Indian Philosophy to living a fuller and enriching life
  • Start a journey into Indian Classical Music
“From October to December, if one can follow the ISP prescribed lifestyle, diet, sleep and Yoga, the body is left heathier & stronger at the start of next year. This means an end to un-necessary fitness resolutions and trying hard to keep up with our own resolutions” – Rajeshree

Shriyog’s ISP is planned in the last months of October as it is the right time as per Ayurveda for the body & mind to take up challenges, Secondly, at Shriyog we have been delivering our winter Yoga sessions for many years based on our four limbs of study – Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda, Philosophy and Arts & culture and these sessions have been a boon to all levels of Yoga practitioners for all these years.

It was time for us to take the winter Yoga sessions a step further and thus evolved the ISP edition in 2020 which was a successful and a fruitful program for all the participants

With the ISP 2nd Edition, we have made the approach more Sadhana and study based. The lectures, workshops and discussions are on topics that seamlessly flow and grow week on week. Access is also been granted to all the 150+ Yoga practice classes so that the student may experience and learn from all the levels. The unrestricted access to classes, lectures, workshops and discussions also means that family members can get involved in the journey for growth, study and improvement on Yoga and wellness.

We aim –  To start the new year in good physical & mental health and not to plan for good health at the start of new year

Watch the ISP 1st Edition Recap Video 

This course includes:

  • Access to all live Iyengar Yoga online classes + workshops on zoom. All family under one roof can attend these classes (Not allowed to share with friends and extended family) view timetable of classes here. Choose to attend as many classes for you and your family members
  • Certificate of completion. Important Note – This is not a teacher training course
  • All Notes and recordings of lectures and workshops only

The main features of ISP 2nd Edition

All Yoga practice at Shriyog is based on the Four Limbs of study at Shriyog

  1. Iyengar Yoga
  2. Ayurveda
  3. Philosophy
  4. Arts & Culture
  • The Iyengar Yoga way is the most scientific way towards spirituality with its focus on alignment, sequencing and the 8 steps of Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Supporting workshops and lectures by guest lecturers and Shriyog team that provide new ideas and methods to improve your actions, thinking & living
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions with Shriyog founder Rajeshree Tupe 
  • The Satsang or companionship of like-minded people to share and grow together.
  • An opportunity to imbibe a health goal for yourself and your family for 3 months

What you will access and learn

  1. Iyengar Yoga Asana & Pranayama live online classes for all levels – 150 classes to choose from. view timetable here
  2. Lectures by Jai – series of lectures on Yamas and Niyamas
  3. Workshops by Hitesh – Chanting, study and exploring the Sadhana Pada (Chapter 2 Yoga sutras of Patanjali)
  4. Lecture – Demystifying the 4 Paths of Yoga – Bhakti, Jnana, Karma & Raja – Shriyog team
  5. Yoga with props Part 1 & 2 with Seema
  6. Dinacharya for Oct by Dr Jayshree
  7. Dinacharya for Nov by Dr Jayshree
  8. Dinacharya for Dec by Dr Jayshree
  9. Muscle story by Nisha Verma
  10. Indian classical music – Part 1 & 2 with Sanna
  11. Importance of Sadhana with Rajeshree
  12. Q & A interactive sessions with Rajeshree

Eligibility & Requirements:

  • A Yoga Mat 
  • A device eith strong internet to stream the live online sessions
  • Iyengar Yoga Props – Brick, belt, Pranayama pillow or bolster, yoga blanket
  • Willingness to learn and apply the learnings into regular practice so you can heal on physical, emotional and energetic levels.
  • Above 16yrs
  • All Anatomy & Ayurveda workshops will be conducted only on selected Sundays at 9am IST
  • Lectures & discussions will be conducted every Tuesday & Thursday at 7.30 to 8.15pm IST 

Duration and fees:

  • From 1st October to 25 th December 2021 
  • INR 21000 (43% OFF) + GST (Includes all Yoga & Pranayama + all lectures, discussions & workshops for full family – Except Womens Health)
  • Limited Seats are available for this program

General dos & don’ts:

  • Stick to your batch throughout the season & add new batches if you feel ready
  • Be punctual in your classes. Every minute is precious and there is a lesson for your wellness
  • Keep your Authentic Iyengar Yoga props handy
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton fabric is most suitable
  • Your Yoga mat is your teacher too. Respect it and maintain it well
  • Keep an empty stomach. At least 3 hours must have elapsed before heavy Yogasana practice
  • If you feel like evacuating your bladder or bowels during the class, do not stop your-self
  • Listen to the instructions in class carefully for a safe and effective practice
  • Keep your surrounding clean and free from disturbances
  • Stay committed but know your limitations. Listen to your body and breath. Never exert yourself

Guide to setting yourself up for class:

  • It is compulsory to keep your video switched on at all times during the session
  • In every class, the student can sign in from only one device per registration.
  • You must input the same name on-screen used at the time of your registration. This helps us identify your registration in our list and ensures that you will not be removed from the class
  • If you cannot attend a particular class, you cannot transfer the class to someone else. 
  • Do not share your zoom link with anyone under any circumstances or you will be disqualified from joining further classes at Shriyog
  • Join the class at-least 10 minutes in advance and prepare your space. The teaching and assisting team will be happy to help you with your queries 10 minutes before start of class

Over the last decade, we have constantly and tirelessly taught Yoga applying the Four Limbs of Study at Shriyog and delivering excellent results in improved Body, Breath & Mind quality for all our students. We look forward to seeing you at the ISP 2nd Edition !!

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