Gen Next Yoga : Onsite at Magarpatta Institute


Gen-Next Yoga (For Kids Only)

Program Duration – October to December 2022

Day & Time – Every Saturday 8.30 to 9.30am

Venue – Shriyog Institute of Iyengar Yoga, Magarpatta Centre

Minimum Age – 7.5 +


Gen-Next Yoga is an initiative by Shriyog Institute of Iyengar Yoga to make Yoga an integral part of childrens’ lives. The program is designed to fit in seamlessly with children’s school routine. It will help them with holistic development and deal with the demands of their academic lives as the examination months come closer

The modules are designed to work different aspects of the Mind & Body such as posture, concentration, balance, coordination, flexibility & strength.


Module 1: BLOSSOM into awareness of the body through Asanas to lay down the foundation of yoga 

This module works on body awareness and health through various physical asanas. We will work towards fun advanced asanas such as handstands, Vrksasana, Bakasana, Dhanurasana etc which improve flexibility and strength. The main goal is posture improvement through asana sequences that provide

      > Balance & Focus

      > Strength

      > Flexibility

Module 2: UNFOLD builds on the nascent awareness and starts to develop mental strength & endurance through breathing & concentration Yoga techniques 

This module builds up on the initial Asana practice to move towards subtle aspects of breathing techniques, concentration and mindfulness. Children will learn simple and smart techniques in a safe and effective manner that improves concentration. It includes:

     > Relaxation through Deep Breathing

     > Focus through Trathaka, an ancient Yoga technique that improves focus

     > Relaxation through Yoga Nidra

Module 3: DISCOVER how to flex those physical & mental muscles. Learn your limits & go beyond to find the inner motivation to be a student of life

This module is a natural progression wherein the children learn to combine their practice of Asanas and mindfulness techniques for holistic development. They bring the discipline and attitude of yoga from their mats to their schools, home & society through inclusion of simple routines like

>Imbibing the culture of respect, inclusivity, responsibility

>Waking up early and on the same time everyday

>Short prayers to start & end the day

Module 4: REVEAL the true self and see with clarity while being aware of the interconnectedness with the world around through social connection

This module is an opportunity for the children to express themselves through short dramas or story telling sessions. The children will also connect with the Nature around them where they learn about different plants and trees around them, their importance in our lives and ways to take care of Mother Nature and give back in our small ways. The module includes:

>Creating a Drama based on Panchatantra at the end of the course that the kids will enact

>Trip to Shriyog’s luscious medical garden, chat with the gardener and a short assignment on their learnings.



Yoga sessions would be held once a week for 60 minutes. A typical session will include practice and learnings from all the 4 modules:

  • physical Asana practice for posture and balance
  • Storytelling, play acting using animal or tree poses
  • deep breathing, concentration and relaxation techniques
  • silent time to bring mindfulness into everyday movements
  • Partnerning with fellow students for difficult Asanas


Meet Our Lead Trainer

Our endeavour is to allow children to experience the richness of Guru-Shishya tradition while being relevant to our day and age. We bring the diversity of experience by having established teachers, institutions, training partners with over 25 years of experience

Jai Tupe

He is the youngest and one of the experienced Level 1 teachers with Shriyog. He is also a certified E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. Philosophy is his favourite subject and is working towards his specialization in Philosophy.

He has been the face of Shriyog’s Kids & Teens classes for the past 5 years. His enthusiasm, creativity and eagerness to plan and execute every Kids class is contagious and inspiring. He is one of the kids favourite with his perfect asanas and interesting story telling sessions.

He is always eager to connect with other teachers and students and curious about different ways of life. He is a core team member of various training programs at Shriyog Training Academy such as Teacher trainings, Study programs and Workshops.

His talks and lectures on various topics of Yoga are aimed at absolute novice to regular practitioners of Yoga. There is something new to learn for everyone. Striving for perfection in Asanas and the humility he depicts around people of all age, are just some make him a core member of Team Shriyog.

A fun fact about Jai is that he is our inhouse certified scuba diver. 

Course Mentor

Rajeshree Tupe 

Course contributors – Hitesh Joseph, Seema Naik, Neha Sharma 

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