Abhyanga bath kit for 1


Abhyanga bath kit for 1 :
Abhyanga body oil 1, Utane – Luxury Bath Powder 1

‘Abhyanga’ stands for all over body and ‘Snana’ means bath. This is highly recommended in the Ayurvedic regimens as well but during Diwali time it has a special significance that is worth knowing.


  • The full bath ritual reduces any excessive and unwanted heat from the body
  • The Utane exfoliation cleans the pores and skin,
  • Oiling the body with the right oil that is made for this season strengthens the muscles and joints,
  • The aroma in this season’s oil keeps the senses pleasant,
  • Overall, the oiling and periodic Utane exfoliation hydrates and nourishes the skin by removing the dull and dead skin cells leaving you feeling soft and hydrated throughout winter

We often experience significant positivity after taking a bath, but a ritual like the Abhyanga Snana brings positivity and auspiciousness as well. With this energy, we step ahead and perform the Diwali rituals with a tranquil mind and body.

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